Saturday, September 10, 2011

UPDATE: Disney Animated Features, Ranked

So, the "Saturday Morning Classics" post is upcoming. In the meantime...

The first thing to do when compiling this list was to break down the movies into three tiers: Tier One being the above average films, Tier Two being the average films, and Tier Three being the below average films. From there, it becomes easier to sort them into specific rankings within the three tiers.

Tier Three:
#36 - Oliver & Company
#35 - Meet the Robinsons
#34 - The Princess and the Frog
#33 - The Great Mouse Detective
#32 - The Emperor's New Groove
#31 - Pocahontas
#30 - The Aristocats

Tier Two:
#29 - The Rescuers
#28 - Hercules
#27 - Fantasia
#26 - Tarzan
#25 - Lady and the Tramp
#24 - The Sword in the Stone
#23 - Alice in Wonderland
#22 - Winnie the Pooh
#21 - The Rescuers Down Under
#20 - Lilo & Stitch
#19 - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
#18 - The Fox and the Hound
#17 - Robin Hood
#16 - Pinocchio
#15 - Mulan

Tier One:
#14 - Sleeping Beauty
#13 - Cinderella
#12 - Bambi
#11 - Aladdin
#10 - The Jungle Book
#9 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
#8 - The Little Mermaid
#7 - Dumbo
#6 - Peter Pan
#5 - Tangled
#4 - 101 Dalmatians
#3 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
#2 - The Lion King
#1 - Beauty and the Beast

So it's really difficult to put the films into exact order. Without a more thorough investigation into each film, it's hard to say which of two very close in quality is better. I'm not dead set on the exact positions in this list, but it's pretty close, I think.

The following films in the official list of Disney features were unable to be ranked because (1) they're obviously terrible and I haven't gotten around to seeing them as a result, (2) I regrettably haven't seen them yet, or (3) they're really just an extended short film. I'll let you figure out which reason(s) applied: Saludos AmigosThe Three CaballerosMake Mine MusicFun and Fancy FreeMelody Time, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, The Black CauldronDinosaurFantasia 2000Atlantis: The Lost EmpireTreasure PlanetBrother BearHome on the Range, and Chicken Little, and Bolt.

UPDATE: You'll notice the list of excluded films has gotten a bit shorter. Turns out I can't automatically disqualify computer-animated Disney films on account of Tangled deserving its new position at #5 (many Tangled-related posts soon). As a result I've appropriately added Meet the Robinsons, which I had seen previously, near the bottom of the list. I've also rethought a couple of rankings since the original posting, and added Winnie the Pooh in its proper spot having seen it just prior to Tangled. What do you think?

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