Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Picard Is Better Than Kirk

A friend made a good point when he said that the things which make Kirk awesome and the things which make Picard awesome, while completely different (and often opposed to one another) are equally valid. That being said, I thought the following list would be a good way to cap off this long series of Trek-related posts:

#10. He doesn't bang everything, thus avoiding space STD's.

#9. Picard solves crime mysteries in his spare time. Kirk couldn't if he tried.

#8. He's not a foolhardy idiot, never leaping into action and risking Red Shirts' lives in the process.
#7. He has a lovely singing voice and can play the flute damn well.

#6. He's got principles and stuff like that, leading him to give awesome impassioned speeches on morality:

#5. Size matters.

#4. (This one's from the wife.) He doesn't feel the need to take off his shirt willy nilly, but when he does... Wow. Kirk, not so much.

#3. You can rub his head for good luck.

#2. He got assimilated and freaking came back from it!

#1. He's British. 'Nuff said.

That's the last Star Trek post for a while. I promise.


  1. Oh no ..... I LOVE your Trek posts. Please keep em coming :-)

  2. That's nice of you to say. I had a couple more up my sleeve, but the wife kept getting on to me 'cause of them. Maybe I'll write them anyway.

  3. Please do. Your "best of Voyager" post made me pull out my Voyager DVDs. It was a great series. I however still think Chakotay is pretty anoying ;/)

  4. Yeah. Chakotay is the worst part about the show for sure. He's so one-dimensional. I might could've gotten past the over-the-top American Indian-ness if his character had had any depth beyond that.

    They tried a couple of times, like when they had him join a mini Borg collective, but they just couldn't make it happen.

  5. Picard is awesome...but...he is French not British =D


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